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Roll The Stones are currently seeking engagements
for through this Year AND BEYOND worldwide

A Roll The Stones show
a great way to share the experience of music.

Prepare to be taken on a wild ride as you immerse yourself in the sheer power and excitement of this rocking band. With two electrifying guitars, soul-stirring keyboards, a blazing horn section, mesmerizing backup singers, this is a force to be reckoned with!

Picture this: a complete, full-throttle 8 piece band, armed to the teeth with talent and passion, ready to rock your world!

Available now for Concert Performances, Corporate Events, Casinos, Colleges and Universities, Fairs and Carnivals, Upscale Venues, as well as select Private Functions, City Events, Fundraiser's, and more. Use Your Imagination.

Full Concert - Roll The Stones Experience (8 Piece Band)

  • This show is available in several packages depending on the budget and nature of the event.


    1 Ninety Minute Concert Performance / 2 Ninety Minute Different Performances / 3 Sixty Minute Sets

    This is One High Energy Show! The complete full 8 piece band that will rock your socks off. Experience all the energy, great music and fun of this rocking band. This features two guitars, keyboards, a horn section, backup singers, percussionist with all the live excitement you would expect from a packed venue "Main Event" concert act performing hit after hit of classic timeless songs. ( Can also be combined with 'Unplugged Style' ) No backing tracks whatsoever are used to achieve this total live performance with all REAL top quality musicians.

    On request this show can also feature a special multi-media show complete with specialized rear projection screens or video wall with full concert lighting to dazzle the crowd and turn the show into a total event.

Acoustic - 'UNPLUGED STYLE' Performance

  • This show is ONLY available as 1 Unique Ninety Minute Concert Performance.

    This show will still have lots of energy, but will be more tailored to some of the lighter great songs in the Stones catalog. Featuring acoustic instruments, keyboards, drums, flute, sax, backup vocalists and a variety of percussion. This can also be requested as a part of the full performance to add another dimension of sound to the event if needed. Don't be fooled this show is packed with classic music and will be sure to please those that want a bit quieter pace, but still want to enjoy a great show and rock at a softer level.

    This is best suited for smaller venues or where budgeting or volume issues are a concern.

    ** NEW - Highway of rock & Roll - Theme Based Shows (8 piece band)
    A fun filled group of rocking shows you won't forget (Learn more by clicking HERE)

    • This is a stand alone show but can also be mixed with variety of shows or 'Rolling Stones Salute' show sets as needed.
    • This show is available in several packages depending on the budget and nature of the event.
    • Available with Male of Female Vocalist or Both as requested.


Each Show is a Full Ninety Minute Performance, Complete with Specialized Stage Sets, Costuming and Lighting

This is the same kicking band that delivers the 'Roll The Stones' concert show. This performance will be placing their own always entertaining stamp on a variety of great music. You can expect to enjoy an electrifying show filled with a great selection of theme based music and the same showmanship you always get from this band. Of course upon request the band will be happy to rock the room if needed on a few Stones tunes for the audience.

Full Concert - Green River Experience
(TRibute To Creedence Clearwater Revival) (4 Piece Band) (Learn more by clicking HERE)

  • This show is available in several packages depending on the budget and nature of the event.


    Ninety Minute Concert Performances / Sixty Minute Sets / Seventy Five Minute Set

    Get ready for a wild ride down the soulful swamps of musical history! Introducing the complete band that will unleash hit after hit, channeling that distinctive 'swampy' feel that only Creedence music can deliver. You and the audience will be transported to an unforgettable experience, singing along to these classic songs that have become an integral part of American life.

    With two guitars, bass, and drums, this band will take you back to the golden era when Creedence Clearwater Revival ruled the airwaves with their timeless tunes. The live excitement at this packed venue will be off the charts as you find yourself choogling and grooving to the CCR rhythms that defined a generation.

    But that's not all – for an extra dose of magic, this show can also be combined with the 'Full Roll The Stones Show,' adding an incredible twist to the already electrifying performance.

    And if you thought it couldn't get any better, think again! On request, this show has the power to transform into a mind-blowing multi-media spectacle. Specialized rear projection screens and concert lighting will illuminate the stage, dazzling the crowd and turning the entire event into an unforgettable experience.

    So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of yesteryear? Join the journey through the swampy landscapes of Creedence music, and let the melodies carry you away to a place where classic songs and unforgettable memories merge into one incredible night. Secure your spot now, and prepare to be swept off your feet by this total event that promises to leave you craving more!


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