Bring Your Artists To Florida Enjoy The Sunshine And Perform For The Waiting Fans!

Let Us Provide You With A QUALITY Full "BACKUP BAND" For Your Southern Shows.

If you choose our turnkey event option, the price you pay can include:

All contracts negotiated and delivered to your home or office.
A producer on-site to coordinate the entertainment portion of the evening.
All sound, lighting, staging and equipment rentals.
Airfares, hotel accommodations and internal ground transportation.
Picture and autograph signings for you and your guests.*
And most importantly, knowledge, experience and peace of mind.

With all of these responsibilities handled flawlessly you can relax and expect a GREAT show.

Finding and organizing shows, along with putting together and transporting a band can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. But you have to play live and you need to reach as many existing and new fans as possible.

Once you are offered a show you still need to agree a payment and sort out a contract covering ALL your performance costs.

The booking agent does not actually put on shows. An agent acts as an intermediary between the thousands of artists and the limited worldwide body of promoters of concert venues, festival, clubs and colleges. It is the agent’s job to negotiate deals with the promoters based on what he or she knows of the act’s needs, the city or venue he or she is pitching to, and the relationship with the promoter.

Bands now see live performances as a primary source of income as their recorded music revenues have decreased and so tour to make money and not purely as a promotional activity.

Once a period of gigging activity is agreed with the artist and their management the agent will approach promoters to arrange the actual shows. When booking shows, the agent has to take into account geographical and seasonal matters, staging needs as well as keep an eye on the competition.

By having a 'contracted local band', it will ensure less travel cost as well as additional dollars needed for hotels and equipment rental etc. Additionally this type of planning has to be done well in advance (typically three to four months) to ensure availability and better pricing in the regions wanted.

Planning of a Southern Tour Can Be A Big Headache If You Let It ...

Seasonal matters also come into play.
Take into consideration the weather.
Even if YOU could make it through the snow,
Would the audience turn up?

Think your ready to come south, or are you not sure whether a Florida trip should be in your immediate future? Planning and performing a music tour is complicated and time consuming.

We can really help you lower your costs and headaches.

If you expect to make a lot of money off concert tours, you're likely to be disappointed. By the time the venue, concert promoter and ticket vendor take their cuts, equipment rentals and crew are paid, and transportation and living costs are covered, there may not be as much as you'd expect. That's not even considering sliding CD sales and the move to digital music.

To reach a decision, you'll want to consider factors such as:

  • Do we have musicians that know the material ready to perform?
    - Yes, We can learn the material in advance and be ready for you to step on stage and do what you do.

  • Can they handle the rigors of travel and the challenge of playing that material as if it's fresh and new?
    - No travel needed since the band is already local.
    There is no drama associated with players and the band will deliver a fresh and exciting performance for you as needed.

  • Are we getting enough bookings and a strong enough response from fans to indicate that the budget is right for a full band?
    - In some cases we can help secure additional local date and also help with promotion of the show as well.

Limited profitability is nothing new for touring bands, but we can help Make It Better.

If you've decided you're ready to come south, the next step is preliminary planning, probably led by your band's manager.

Maybe make it a vacation...with one or two dates while you are here?

We can help you and here are some questions to consider:

  • In which geographic area and at what specific cities and venues do you want to perform? What is your tentative itinerary?
    - In many cases we can actually assist with securing dates for you with venues that we already have a working relationship established. Spend a few days in Florida and do a date while you are here..

  • What specific performing needs do you have in terms of instruments and musical equipment?
    - We are self contained, no rentals are required as we provide our own backline.

  • What specific stage, sound engineering and lighting needs do you have?
    How many crew members will you need to have on site, and what skills or training do they need?

    - If needed additional Sound & Lighting personnel can also be obtained.
    They have been pre-screened to ensure that everything will be top quality and totally reliable, prepared and with NO surprises.

  • How much equipment will the band bring along, and how much will you need to have ready at the venue?
    - We will take care of all ... you just need to worry about delivering your performance and we will handle the rest.

  • What's your tentative budget for the tour, including employee pay and equipment costs?
    - With no hidden expenses you will know EXACTLY what the band will need and it will not be a burden when planning your dates.

  • What are your limits in tour length and number of shows?
    - Since band is already here you will not have to worry about extra housing expenses if you have gaps in bookings or decide to pick up more work based on a positive response.




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